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Contact lens specialists

The LIEBEVUE contact lenses are manufactured by InnoVision Deutschland GmbH. Our goal at InnoVision Deutschland GmbH is to offer the most beautiful and comfortable coloured contact lenses in the world.


Comfort and healthy eyes

The comfort of wearing a contact lens depends on many factors. The contact lens must be the right size, flexible and conform to the shape of the surface of the eye.

Tear film of the eye

The contact lens floats in the tear film of the eye and should as far as possible not affect the physiological functions of the tear film for the eye as an organ. In the tear film of the eye there are different proteins and lipids which have various functions. The goal must be that they interact as little as possible with the contact lens and less stick to the contact lens. That is why LIEBEVUE contact lenses are made exclusively from non-ionic contact lens materials.

Contact lens materials

When it comes to contact lens materials, a distinction is made between ionic and non-ionic materials. LIEBEVUE contact lenses are made of non-ionic material. In the case of ionic contact lens materials, it can more easily lead to deposits with also ionically charged proteins or lipids of the tear film. Tear film proteins or lipids have, among other things, antibacterial functions and protect the eye from infections. If these proteins or lipids adhere to the contact lens in large numbers, they can no longer perform the intended physiological function in the tear film of the eye.

Water content in the contact lens

Another differentiation from contact lenses is the water content in the contact lens material. LIEBEVUE contact lenses are made from contact lens material with a low water content. As a result, LIEBEVUE contact lenses absorb less tear fluid than contact lenses with a high water content. This also guarantees less interaction with the tear film of the eye. This can also reduce the risk of the contact lens wearer feeling dry eyes.

Hydrogel versus silicone hydrogel  

LIEBEVUE contact lenses consist exclusively of hydrogel materials. Silicone hydrogel lenses are usually harder than contact lenses made from hydrogel material. This means that contact lenses made of silicone hydrogel are more likely to be felt as an unpleasant foreign body in the eye.

Oxygen supply to the eye

The cornea of the eye has no blood vessels. The cells of the cornea are supplied with oxygen via the tear film. The contact lens must not adhere too tightly to the cornea. The design of the contact lens must ensure optimal tear circulation in front of and behind the contact lens. LIEBEVUE contact lenses have a special aspherical design and thus enable optimal tear circulation and oxygen supply to the cornea of the eye.

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