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Why LIEBEVUE contact lenses?



LIEBEVUE® soft contact lenses for daily wear with discontinuation of use overnight (12 hours per day while awake) are manufactured in compliance with the highest safety and quality standards. The manufacturer uses its own patented P.O.I.M process for the production of the coloured contact lenses. The problem-free handling of LIEBEVUE® contact lenses offers customers the highest level of satisfaction.   



Colour tones from the LIEBEVUE® Luxus Series and Eva Series are very natural. The LIEBEVUE® Ardor Series have a slightly more intense colour, but due to their natural colours and patterns, they still look very natural on the eye compared to other coloured contact lenses in the market.


All soft contact lenses of LIEBEVUE® are developed based on the study of ophthalmology, optometry, macromolecular engineering and optics. The design methodology of our LIEBEVUE® soft contact lenses can provide the proper fit for most human eyes. It is known that a tight fit of the contact lens is a major factor in neovascularization. 

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