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LIEBEVUE® PROAQUA multifunctional solution

LIEBEVUE® All-In-One multifunctional solution

LIEBEVUE PROAQUA is an all-in-one multifunctional solution for soft contact lenses.  

The solution fulfills the following tasks:

(1) cleaning

(2) disinfection

(3) storage

(4) wetting

(5) removal of protein and fat deposits  


Available sizes: 60ml 100ml 200 ml 360 ml 550 ml

Preservative: PHMB

+ Effective disinfectant

+ Moisture

+ Stability


LIEBEVUE PROAQUA multi-purpose solution meets the criteria in ISO 14730 and shows the excellent disinfectability, which exceeds the standards specified in ISO 14730. 

Source :

1 analysis report 15-129 / 2RW

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