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InnoVision Deutschland GmbH

About us

LIEBEVUE® soft contact lenses for daily wear with discontinuation of use overnight (12 hours per day while awake) have been developed on the basis of studies in ophthalmology, optometry, applied macromolecular technology and  optics (branch of physics).

The design methodology of LIEBEVUE® soft contact lenses can provide the proper fitting for most human eyes. It is known that a tight fitting of the contact lens is a major factor in neovascularization. All soft contact lenses from LIEBEVUE® are manufactured in accordance with the international standard EN ISO 13485 for medical products. The manufacturer of LIEBEVUE® soft contact lenses is a specialist in the high-pressure steam sterilization of contact lenses.

Clinical trials are continually being conducted to ensure long-lasting comfort while wearing our contact lenses. The market is continuously monitored throughout the product life-cycle to ensure that the voice of the customer is heard and the satisfaction of the customer is achieved.

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