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LIEBEVUE® Colours Moist Optima

LIEBEVUE® contact lenses are developed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards, so that LIEBEVUE® contact lenses are extremely comfortable to wear. LIEBEVUE® contact lenses are easy to put on and take off and easy to care for. The problem-free handling of LIEBEVUE® contact lenses offers customers the highest level of satisfaction.

Coloured beauty effect contact lenses

With the coloured LIEBEVUE® contact lenses you can change the colour of your eyes and still keep a natural look. Designing the right colour pattern in combination with an appealing shade is the great art of Beauty Effect contact lenses. The resulting visible eye colour when wearing beauty effect lenses is a combination of your natural eye iris colour and the colour of the coloured contact lenses. Many different effects can be achieved with coloured beauty effect contact lenses. You can make your own eye colour appear both lighter and darker. You can also intensify your natural eye iris colour or you can achieve a completely different eye colour than your natural eye iris colour with a well-designed coloured contact lens.

Funky lenses for Cosplay Halloween or Carnival

With the LIEBEVUE® Funkylenses you can achieve a completely visible change in your eye colour. The LIEBEVUE® Funkylenses usually completely cover their natural eye colour. By completely covering your natural eye colour, very effective impressions can be achieved!

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