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Vanilla Nekopara Cosplay with LIEBEVUE Manga Baby Blue contact lenses

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Nekopara video game has the following characters:

Vanilla, Chocola, Shigure Minaduki, Maple, Azuki, Kashou Minaduki, Cinnamon

What is your favourite character in Nekopara?

Today, we would like to introduce LIEBEVUE Managa Baby Blue contact lenses which go well with Vanilla Nekopara Cosplay.

In Nekopara, Vanilla is a character who loves her twin sister, Chocola. Vanilla is a cute, silent and smart cat girl.

We would like to give many thanks to cute and pretty @shinymochi who expressed Vanilla cosplay with LIEBEVUE Manga baby blue contact lenses.

You can also check out other blue contact lenses for cosplays by LIEBEVUE for your preference in our online shop (

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